To quote a very dear friend, ‘arthritis’ sucks canal water!

Last Dec. I went to my family physician for back pain.  It has been with me for some time now – what, maybe 3-4 years?  I have always thought it was from not exercising as much when it showed up.  But it has been getting progressively worse.  So, off I go to the local ‘Medical Hobby Center.’

After ‘Faud el-Something-or-another’ examined me, he set me up for an ultra sound, and a series of x-rays.  Two weeks after these tests, when I didn’t hear anything from him, I called to see what was going on.  He was not available, so another doctor read the results and I was told I had arthritis in my back.  Swell.  Nothing more was said.

So, what can I do about it?  BSOM.  Drugs?  BSOM.  Physical therapy?  BSOM.  Yoga?  BSOM. 

Not hearing anything from ‘the Center,’ I made a high-speed pass through the VA Clinic here in town.  Good call.  Ibuprofen and physical therapy.  Don’t know if it will work, but at least I’ll feel as if I am doing something about it – rather than just complaining about it.  And that is good.  

Arthritis still sucks canal water, mind you…

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  1. I’m glad the VA Clinic near you is a good one and you’re getting some help!

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