“Dreams are not so different from deeds as some may think.  All the deeds of men are only dreams at first.  And in the end, their deeds dissolve into dreams.”  Theodore Herzl, “Old New Land,” 1902.

I have found this so very true.  As a kid I continually dreamed of being an Air Force pilot.  Never wanted to be a doctor, or a lawyer.  Firefighter?  Nope.  Community organizer?  Hell, no!  I just wanted to fly – and for the USAF.  No desire to be an airline pilot either.  Air Force pilot.  Fighter pilot.  That’s all.

I was so very, very fortunate.  I flew for 18 of 20 years on active duty.  And I had a ball! So much of what you see here on my blog is an expression of my gratitude for having had the honor and privilege of flying for the Air Force.  And today, that brief experience has dissolved once again, into “dreams.”

Although I flew commercially for 17 years, I have hardly ever dreamed of airline flying.  To put this in perspective I never got off an airliner and “”high-fived” either the captain, or first officer because of a “shit-hot” ILS (instrument approach)!  Just didn’t happen.  But I have flown many, many missions – in my dreams – in all sorts of Air Force aircraft.  And the missions are almost as fun as they were ‘real life.’

So now, as I coast into my “golden years.” I find I hold the same “innocent, little boy” enthusiasm I once held as a child for Air Force flying.  And today, I know I will never “strap on” another jet – but I can still dream… 


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