Things like this are just heartbreaking to me…

This is a ‘Randolph jet,’ a T-38A.  I actually flew this very jet; the last time being 9 Sept. 1987.  And now it sits in the “Boneyard;” at Davis-Monthan AFB, AZ – on a pallet.  This sucks.

When I take pause here with this picture, it dawns on me that most of the jets I flew on active duty (if not all), are in the Boneyard.

T-37s?  Yep.  T-38A’s?  Yep.  C-141As?  Oh yeah.  HC-130H/P/Ns?  Yep…  The F-111s I flew in Australia have been buried in one of their deserts.  And I’m 65…

I have lent some thought to this.  Do I want to be buried in a family plot here in Whitehouse?  Oh, Hell no!  I would like to be cremated, then have my ashes scattered in the desert; in the Boneyard; in the T-38A section.

Would the “Authorities” allow this?  Oh Hell no!  So, I’ve asked my son to put me in his pocket and take a “tour” of the Boneyard someday…and when no one is looking, just scatter me around the ’38s.  Kinda like they scattered dirt from the tunnels in “The Great Escape.”  That would be cool…and fitting for me.

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