Christmas, the Year ‘Round

A few years ago I had the opportunity to visit some dear friends in San Antonio; Harry and Louise.  As we settled down in their den for a visit, I noticed their Christmas tree still standing.  It was probably mid-summer at the time.  “Okay,” I wondered, “what’s that about?”  So, I asked.

Harry and Louise both have had some significant health “issues” over the years.  To the point where sometimes they have not known if they would share another Christmas together, or not.  So, they decided to keep there tree up the year ’round; I suppose to reflect upon Christmas, the year ’round…

I first met Louise in 1988 as I was shopping for an airline interview costume (suit).  She was working at a local men’s clothing store, and she was the “go-to-gal” all the guys in the squadron used for their suits.  For some reason or another, we hit it off right away.  We both share the same (sick) sense of humor, and irreverence toward “politically correct” educated pretty people…

In the ensuing years, Louise and I shared many conversations.  They were “lighthearted” conversations, yet laced with wisdom.  It was her ‘wisdom’ that grabbed my attention.  Eventually I met Harry, and liked him immediately.  As it turned out, Harry and Louise both knew my Dad!  Small world…

About 5 or 6 years ago I found this small, ragged Christmas tree.  I loved it immediately, and found a place for it in my bedroom. I could “relate” to that tree…

After that first Christmas, I just couldn’t pack it away.  So, I just left it there.  Wasn’t quite sure why at first, but then it came to me.  It’s my ‘connection’ to sharing my life with two very special people who helped me so much in early sobriety.  I keep it lit 24/7 these days, and  it never fails: Harry and Louise “visit” me every time I see it… and for that, I am ever so grateful.

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  1. Louise Lund says:

    Bob, Harry and I are deeply touched at the beautiful tribute to Harry and I and our Christmas tree. I shed a few tears, it was so lovely. Thank you so much for lifting our spirits. Love and prayers, Louise & Harry

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