This has been resonating in my mind since May (2012).  I know there I ‘nothing’ I can do about it; I get it.  But it still pisses me off!

My two grand daughters came to Ohio to visit their father and his family last July (2012).  Part of the my daughter’s divorce decree is that their father gets the girls for 5 week a year.  This has settled into them coming to Ohio, from Colorado, each summer.  Years past we have always been able to see them for at least a couple days while they were here.  Not this year.

For whatever reason the girls were prohibited from visiting our family this year.  I think they were here for 4-5 weeks(?).  I ‘think’ they had a good time… wouldn’t know.

While they were here my son had a birthday party for his 2 sons, the girls’ cousins.  They were prohibited from attending.

I am not writing this morning not to “judge” the actions of the girls’ father; I am writing to express my concern that they are being taught a ‘culture of hatred’ – by their father.  If it materializes – this culture of hatred – it certainly will not come from our family!

Maybe someday the girls will know what their grandfather actually thought about the whole deal – it sucks canal water!  But it is, what it is…

I came across a neat prayer, here in sobriety.  It helps me to keep from building resentments.  So, rather than “hate” their father, I offer this prayer for him:

“God, please see to it that that son-of-a-bitch gets what he deserves… Thank you.”

And with this, I’m heading out to the shop!  I feel “mo-better” now…

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2 Responses to Resonating…

  1. PJ Stewart says:

    Oh my, does that remind me of the country song “Pray for You” by Jaron and the Long Road to Love. Listen to it!

  2. PJ Stewart says:

    sorry, thats Jaron not Jason

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