“And So, How Do You Think I Like My Coffee?”

Sitting in the cockpit of a DC-9 one morning, just as passengers were about to board.  The Lead Flight Attendant, an attractive woman in her late 30s, sticks her head in and asks, “Would you guys care for anything to drink?”

The Captain, a well-known egotistical jerk, replies boldly, “Yeah, I’ll have a cup of coffee!”

“And how would you like your coffee?” she asked.

“Like my women!” he replies.  After taking the copilot’s order, she turns and heads into the galley.  I had heard this reply so often before.  It’s typically a ‘set up’ for, “Hot, and black,” but she didn’t bite.

When she returns the Captain asks, “And so, how do you think I like my women?”  And he looks at her with a smug look on his face.

To which she replies, “Oh, that’s simple… stupid, with big tits!”

The Captain, now totally deflated, turns and stares out his side window for the better part of 5 minutes…

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One Response to “And So, How Do You Think I Like My Coffee?”

  1. Bob Watson says:

    Lol – Funny. Dated a TWA “stewardess” (as they were called before PC came about) and she related a story to me about a captain that was on her case mmediately as she got on board. “Do this, do that” and on and on. She said she finally got totally fed up and asked him in a not so pleasant voice “would you like for me to stick a broom up my ass and sweep the aisle as well?” Guess he didn’t say much to her after that, but offered to buy her dinner when they landed to which “she was tired and going to bed early”

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