Walking With Grandfather…

I am currently using a meditation book these days, “Meditations with Native American Elders,” as a guide for my spiritual readings in the early mornings.  I am so at peace with the teachings of these Native American Elders – it’s as if I already know of the things of which they speak, but have forgotten them over the years as I became “educated,” and “politically correct!”  This morning’s passage is as follows:

“The old people must start talking and the young people must start listening.”  Thomas Banyaca, HOPI

All my life I have gravitated toward  ‘Elders.’  (I will capitalize the word ‘Elders’ here as a reflection of respect.  A respect they certainly deserve…)

I have actively sought mentors and teachers throughout my life; usually people who are older than I am.  I hardly knew my Grandfathers, Fred and Dudley.  Fred (Holliker) died when I was 9, and Dudley (Garrison) lived in Oregon as we traveled the world.  But I loved them both!

When I got sober I gravitated toward Native American spirituality.  This in turn, took me to a book, “Walking with Grandfather,” by Joseph Marshall III, a Lakota Sioux Indian.  What an inspirational book!  It made me take pause to reflect on my responsibilities and obligations as a grandfather.   I like the word ‘Grandfather.’  To me it conveys wisdom, and caring, gleaned from a lifetime of experience.

                                                           Grampa Bob and Delaney

“The old people must start talking and the young people must start listening.”  Thomas Bantyacya, HOPI.

Today I treasure the thought of being a ‘grandfather!’  I am proud of it.  And I look forward to time I spend with my grand kids.

                                                        Grampa Bob and Riley

Before my “Final Flight West” I look forward to imparting things I have learned to my grandchildren.   Both the ‘good,’ and the ‘bad’ – and maybe sometimes, the ‘ugly.’  Maybe if they know of my life, they can learn from my ‘mistakes,’ and capitalize on my successes…

Grampa Bob and Noah

Yesterday once again found us at McQueen’s Apple Orchard.  Bright beautiful day, and here I am, walking with Evan.








Grampa Bob and Evan

I so love walking with these kids…


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