Raspberry Jam

One of the first things I did when I bought my place here in Whitehouse, OH, in 1991, was to plant a red raspberry patch.  Over the years I added two more patches!  I just like red raspberries, and ya can’t have enough – unless you have a neighbor like mine!

About 10 – 12 years ago I had a “bumper crop” and invited her over to pick a few.  Ever since, she has thought of these patches as her own!

Last year (2011) I went over to Joe’s in mid-August to help him build a deer stand.  I noted before I left, that my raspberries would probably be ready upon my return – and again, they were ‘plentiful’ last year…

When I got home, i thought of those raspberries out back.  I wasn’t in the mood to cook, so I grabbed a mixing bowl and headed out back – only to discover that most of them were gone!  Damn!  …Damn it!

So I scoured the bushes and found 9 berries remaining – hidden deep within the decimated canes.  Nine berries!  YGBSM!  On my way back up to the house, I decided I couldn’t do anything with just 9 berries, so I took them next door, and gave them to my neighbor.  I told her ‘she missed a few!’  She went on to say that she knew I was gone and wouldn’t mind if she took the berries…  Really?  All of them?

So, this year I had another great yield.  Only this year I watched them like a hawk!  And I didn’t plan on any trips near harvest.  And now, it has paid off!

They are delightful this year!  And, ‘Sweet!’  And this year, they are all mine!  From this bowl I managed to make 6 jars of freezer jam…

Give one to my neighbor?  No… She should have plenty left over from last year…  But if you come over, I’ll fix a piece of toast for you – with red raspberry jam… and probably share a “war story” or two with ya…

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  1. Steve says:

    flying stories and red raspberry jam… what a great combo!!!

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