Feeding Pheasants…

“They” tell us we can’t ‘domesticate’ pheasants, and I suppose we can’t…

I currently have 25 pheasants I am raising to release.  I hunted these beautiful birds for so many years, and still would hunt, if I didn’t have to pay for it.  (Another topic for another day).  In 6 weeks or so I’ll release these guys to the wild, and hold back 5 or 6 to breed next spring.  They will lay eggs in captivity; they just usually won’t sit on ’em – and I’m just too damn busy around here to sit on ’em myself.

For the last week or so I have been sitting in their pen with a handful of feed, just before I feed them.  I spend a little time in there every day and they don’t seem to be to bothered by me.  A couple-3 days ago a couple of them came up and took feed from my hand.  That is so cool!

I am sure glad I never learned to listen to “they!”

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