The “National Stupid Quotient”

I have thought for years now that we should have a “National Stupid Quotient” (NSQ).  Analogous to the ‘Chill Factor,’ or ‘Heat Index,’ or ‘Smog Index,’ the National Stupid Quotient would alert people to just ‘how stupid it is out there.’  On our highways, in stores, in bureaucratic offices and so forth.  I would use a ‘1 to 10’ scale, with “10” being the stupidest.

Just this morning I had to travel north of Toledo.  It was raining when I left and I wondered to myself, just how stupid is it going to be out here?  It didn’t take me long to find out.  “Bumper car” all over the place!  And with that comes gridlock!

On the way home I decided to come an alternate route.  Foiled again – another wreck, more gridlock!  Dumb asses… On the Toledo highways this morning, NSQ = 9.2.

And who gets to train the raters?  Well, I do, of course!  LOL!


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