The Unholy Trinity: Resolution – Sandy

Oh hell, I was so in love with Sandy.  The “love of my Life;” the One!  Then on 17 August 1967, at 1330 hours, it all came crashing down.  I was dumped!

For years upon years every year, on August 17th, I would get drunk.  I would be either very angry, or very hurt, or just numb.  It didn’t matter, I just drank!

When I got sober, August 17, 1994 was an interesting day for me.  I was in treatment and it came and went.  Imagine that.

The next year, as the blessed anniversary approached, I discussed it with my AA sponsor, Beverley.  I told her how much “being dumped” bothered me – that I didn’t know ‘why.’  She, in turn, said, “Why don’t you call her, and ask her?”  And that’s why I choose Bev as my sponsor – for her wisdom.

After we hung up, I thought about it for a moment, then began a “telephonic search” for Sandy’s number.  It didn’t take long to find her.

I knew that her folks had moved into Bowling Green, OH off the farm.  So, I called her Mom, explained who I was and asked for Sandy’s number.  She remembered me, and it was  hardly no time at all before I had the number.

After I hung up, I sat on the porch, wondering if I really wanted to call her.  Well, hell, why not?  So I called, and the damn phone was busy.  I suspect her Mom “speed-dialed” to give her a “heads-up.”  Ahhh…

A short time later I redialed and Sandy answered the phone.  When I told her who I was, she exclaimed, “Oh Bob, it’s so great to hear from you!”  And at that instant, all the “crap” that I had carried for all those years, released!  Gone!  It was an amazing “spiritual” experience.  I no longer needed to know “why.”  It didn’t matter anymore.

We talked for the better part of an hour and then hung up.  And until now, I have hardly thought of her at all.  Amazing…

So, what do I take from this?  Well, exactly what Bev used to tell me.  “No event, place, person or thing can have any more power over you than you choose to give it.”  It took me years to get this, but it is so true.

August 17th comes and goes every year, and I hardly give it a second thought.  I am glad I called her that year; I’m glad she is doing well and I am glad for the gratitude I feel for the experience…

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