Barack Hussein Obama

In two days we will vote for the 45th president of the United States.  Tonight Barack Hussein Obama holds the office.  I did not vote for him on 2008, and now after 4 years of his presidency, I sure as hell will not vote for him in 2012!

So, what are my ‘specific’ objections to Barack Hussein Obama?  First of all, I have my doubts as to whether or not he is actually an American.  In spite of all the controversy surrounding his birth certificate, I will “give” that to him.  However, I do not think Obama embraces the ‘traditional’ American values that were instilled in me as a child, and developed as a young adult.

In every crisis America has faced over the past 4 years, Obama was ‘nowhere’ to be seen until 3-4 weeks after the event settled, and was fairly well resolved.  “Leading from behind” has been often used in describing his involvement in our nation’s affairs.  I think that is a very accurate assessment.

This is a picture released by the White House during the take down of bin Laden.

In it, we see him “cowering” against the wall, not at the traditional place a leader or commander would take – at the head of the table.  (It looks like the guy at the head of the table if finalizing the “lunch order” before handing it to the black guy…)

Obama looks scared shitless.  I have to wonder if he is ‘scared’ for our troops, or for his own political career?

It is beyond the scope of my post here to go deeper into why I think Obama is a fraud, but suffice to say, the evidence is there – only if you look for it.  And it isn’t buried very deep at all.

In summary, I hope I live long enough to witness his downfall – for it will surely come.  For what I know of the man, I would not allow him to carry my helmet bag to my jet… He’s not qualified, nor deserving.

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