The Randolph AFB Menudo Cookoff

The Randolph AFB “Daily Bulletin” (DB) was published three times a week to let folks know what was going on around base.

It had two sections: an “Official” and the “Unofficial” sections.  The Official section was used to announce “official” events like job postings, change of commands, awards ceremonies, etc.  The unofficial section was used more or less, for ‘social’ events, athletic events, youth activities and so forth.

On 17 Jun 1987 the following announcement was published in the Unofficial section of the DB:

This is the description of ‘menudo:’

“Menudo is a traditional Mexican soup made with beef stomach in a clear broth or with a red chili base. Usually, lime, chopped onions, and chopped cilantro are added, as well as crushed oregano and crushed red chili peppers.

Menudo is usually eaten with tortillas or other breads, such as bolillo. It is often chilled and reheated, which results in a more concentrated flavor. The popularity of menudo in Mexico is such that Mexico is a major export market for stomach tripe from US and Canadian beef producers.”

Sounds appetizing, doesn’t it?

I didn’t do this.  Would have, had I thought about it, but, I didn’t…  However, it wasn’t long before I received a call from “Ms. Jean Rose” (pseudo name) accusing me of doing it.  And he was on fire!

Until he called I didn’t realize how many calls ‘Ms. Jean Rose’ received from Hispanics around the base – hoping to enter the contest!  Seems everyone was roped in…

Now a note about “Ms. Jean Rose.”  He was a pompous little ass-kisser.  He was ‘little,’ pompous and an ass-kisser.  I had had a couple run-ins with him before.  He graduated from the Air Force Academy and was commissioned a day earlier than me.  And he continually reminded me of who “out-ranked” who!  As if I ever gave a shit!  And so, on and on he went, until I had heard enough, and hung up.  Nothing more ever came of it, until two days later:

Why do I save this stuff?  So I can write about it in my blog here, and have yet another “giggle” at “Ms. Jean Rose’s” expense!


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