Mom’s ‘White-Bread’ Christmas Cookies

Every year now I make Lebkuchen cookies sometime in the first week of December.  Before I began making them in 1998, Mom used to make them every year – and before her, Gram would make them.  They are somewhat ‘labor intensive,’ and very good!  (Now I make them…)


Soon after the cookies come out of the oven, they are hard as rocks.  This is natural, for some reason, or another.  To soften them, you put a piece of bread in the cookie tin and after a day or so, they are nice and soft.  Magic!

One year when Mom made them, she gave a dozen to my friend Joe.  I first met Joe when he was a student at Vance AFB.  Then we caught up with each other again when I went through T-38 PIT (Pilot Instructor Training).  Joe and I then became very close friends…

So, Mom gives Joe a dozen cookies.  Then one day she finds an large envelope in her mailbox addressed to her.  When she opens it, a piece of bread, with a large bite out of it, falls out.  Looking further into the envelope she finds a note:

“Mrs. Holliker,  Your ‘White-Bread Christmas cookies” taste like shit.  I don’t know if anyone else you have given them to has the courage to tell you, but I do…  I think you might want to look at that recipe a little closer.  Your friend, Joe”

Mom took it all in good stride, and as far as I know; and Joe never got any more cookies!  LOL!

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  1. PJ says:

    I would imagine you would really need to have seen Gramma Holliker’s Christmas Lebkuchen Cookie recipe to fully appreciate the humor in this! I couldn’t help but laugh every time I think of Joe……

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