Flu Shots

Every year in the Air Force, we would have to muster on a Friday afternoon for our annual flu shots.  For the 4 years I was at Vance AFB we would report to the conference room in the 8th FTS (T-37 squadron) for our shots.  The Clinic sent over Med Techs and a duty roster and we would line up for the shots.  I never minded the shots, but bitched anyway because everyone else did.

We usually knocked off flying somewhere around 1500 (3 o’clock) and headed over to the 8th.  After getting the shot we had to hang out for 20 minutes – to see if we had any negative reactions.  A group of us usually waited until 1600 hours for our shots so we could head over to the O’ Club afterwards.  “Happy Hour” began at 1630 on Fridays.

This one year we were running a bit late, but still had to wait our 20 minutes.  I spotted one of our ‘Squadron idiots,’ and came up with a great idea.  He was bitching more than anyone else, and unwittingly fit into my plan.

I went up to one of the Med Techs and pointed out the ‘bitching Captain’ to him.  I told him that he was acting “really bizarre,” and that I was “concerned” about him.  That was all it took.  They were on him like ‘white on rice!’  As the Med Techs were getting the ‘bitching Captain’ to lay down, the rest of us made our break – and no one was the wiser!  Ya gotta love it!

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  1. jerry fine says:

    you’ve had more fun than anyone is allowed

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