What if Stevie Decides He Wants to Fly?

In the last year of my career I had the opportunity to visit Laughlin for some reason or another.  Otherwise I wouldn’t have been down there…

I had two great friends in the T-38 squadron at the time; Greg L. and Sig H.  I truly liked both these guys.  while I was there they took me to see the new Laughlin AFB student training squadron building.  It was just about complete, and they were so very proud of it.  State if the art, it was…

The first thing I noticed when we got over there was a wheelchair ramp leading into the squadron.  Really, (I asked myself)?  I knew why they had the ramp, but it still didn’t set well with me.  My whole Air Force career we had to operate with ‘reduced’ budgets, continually challenged to “do more with less,” and here we were – building a pilot training building with a wheelchair ramp on it.  YGBSM!  So, what the hell… as we drew nearer, I asked the guys, “Say, what’s the ramp for?  In case Christopher Reeves decides he wants to come to pilot training?”

That put Greg and Sig in a great deal of stress.  They wanted to laugh, but couldn’t because one of the “big bosses” was in the area and had overheard me.  I didn’t give a shit, so I continued.  “I wonder what they will come up with if Stevie Wonder decides he wants to fly…”  Give me a break!


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  1. jerry fine says:

    reminds me of an embarrassing moment. as a young dumb ass 2d lt, i reported to Osan (the only 2nd lt on the base, sets you up for all kinds of additional duties). the o-club often had locals in to sell their wares and it was interesting to view and to chat with the natives. on one occasion they were selling paintings, elvis on velvet, etc, and as usual i’m trying to chat them up only no one was appreciating or responding to my humorous chit-chat. obviously at least one understood what i was saying as he would occasionally print a one word answer or price on a piece of paper. at one point i too loudly proclaimed “what’s wrong, cat got your tongue” and several round eyes in the room turned to look at me. one announced “some are deaf but they are all mute”.

    oops. where can you go with that but out the door? I’ve tried to be more observant since.

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