The North American Auto Show

Yesterday Keith and I decided to go to the North American Auto Show, in Dee-troit. We planned it to arrive between 9 and 10; and actually got there around 10.

We looked around for the ticket sales booth, but not seeing one, we just decided to walk in – the place was wide open.

My first impression was – wow!  The Ford exhibit was the first one we saw.  Brightly lighted, ‘glitzy,’ beautiful shiny cars…impressive.  Not thinking anything about it I noticed a lot of “workers” putzing around everywhere.  And then I noticed a lot of “guys-in-ties” walking the floor.  And that was it.  Very, very few women, no kids, and not that many “gawkers” for that matter.  And we were there an hour after they opened.

As I continued to look at the interactive stands for a few of the vehicles that caught my eye, I noticed Keith “on his phone.”  It wasn’t long before he told me that the Show was actually opened to the public on Monday!  Really?  We didn’t seem to be having any problems – and we were ‘public!’

What a Hoot!  Now I have to admit, Kieth and I were dressed liked all the workers in the place – jeans and sweatshirts – only we didn’t have any stinking badges hanging around our necks!  You don’t need any stinking badges to look at cars!  I think Keith may have been a bit uneasy with it all, but I was having a ball!  Didn’t give it a second thought as I cruised Volkswagon, Acura, BMW and so forth.  The guys-in-ties did their thing; the workers did theirs and the Security guys were oblivious to all of us!  LOL!

I sensed Keith was still not comfortable being there, so I told him to just “look Japanese,” and begin taking pictures.  The most they will do is throw us out…that being fat, drunk and stupid sometimes does get us through life!  He laughed and all was good…

I didn’t see anything this year that I am compelled to head out and buy, but it was a good show.  I just need to remember what I wore so I can get the jump on the public opening again next year!



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