“AA” – A New Thread….

If you have spent any time on my blog here, you would know that I am a recovering “alcoholic.”  At least, today I am…  AA is ‘Alcoholics Anonymous;’ yet I am about as ‘anonymous’ as Coca Cola!  I appreciate and respect the ‘anonymous’ facet of AA, but I am not all that hung up with it.  Maybe had I known of someone in AA when I was in “my main act” I wouldn’t have had to suffer as much as I did?  Don’t know, won’t know.  But if you happen upon this thread, and want “to ask questions,” I will respect your anonymity.

I wrote a series of articles for our local AA publication in early sobriety.  It helped me – to put certain things down in writing.  Tend not to lie to myself when I write.  It’s just too hard!  LOL!  I am now going to include them in my blog, as they represent an integral part of me.  I don’t “dwell” on recovery, but it is never far from my conscious.

One of my “motivators” for writing, is to give some insight for my grand kids into who this guy really was – beyond the surface.  This thread will just represent another facet – that’s all…  Besides, I have hung on to these articles, and really want to get rid of them now…

So, not having any “ado’s,” I’ll begin here….

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