Close you Eyes, and Fold your Hands…

When I talk to “new kids” in the program of recovery (from alcoholism) I frequently use a lesson I was taught early on – to give them an idea what they are up against in the beginning.  What I do is, I have everybody close their eyes, and fold their hands.

As children we are often taught to pray with our hands folded.  For myself, I lace my fingers together, with the forefinger on my left hand being over the top of the forefinger on my right hand, and so forth.  Okay, now “indulge me” a moment here.  Close your eyes, and fold your hands.  Take a moment to reflect upon how this “feels.”  Then, when you are “good with it,” reverse the interlacing of your fingers – and sit with that a moment – again, with your eyes closed.

More than likely, the feeling was uncomfortable, nicht wahr?  I don’t know how long I could sit like that, but after a while I had the idea, and had to unclasp my hands.  It was ‘uncomfortable.’  Just that simple gesture.  Well, this is what it is like with recovery; with sobriety for “new kids.”  It does “get better” as we get better.  But at first, its uncomfortable.

While this is a very simple exercise, it does give you an appreciation for what those in recovery are up against in the beginning.  I was told that to stay sober, all I had to do was not drink, and change my whole life… Simple, but not easy.

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