Current Events: “Obama aims to shrink US nuclear arsenal”

This comes from a report on “The Daily Caller,” by Neil Munro on 11/2/2013.  He in turn, quotes a New York Times article on the same subject.  Okay…

Is ‘Dear Leader’ a moron?  I do not think we need to increase our nuclear arsenal, but with a few of nations like North Korea, China and Iran actively building their nuclear capabilities, we sure as hell don’t be needing to cutting it back!

I have felt for some time now that this ‘community organizer’ has, all along, wanted to render our nation  somewhat ‘defenseless’ to fulfill his ‘real’ agenda for America – to integrate us into a “world community.”  And does anyone want to take a wild stab who he thinks should be the first ‘Ruler for Life’ of this new world order?

I have an idea Barry.  Why don’t we sell our “excess” nukes to the Iranians?  They are in the market for tactical nukes, and we could then take the money and pay down some of our debt to the Chinese.  How cool would that be?  Or, we could use the money to expand our EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) system to an international level.

Gawd!  Some days I think the top of my head is going to blow off!


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