The “Blue Room”

One of the things I have been exceptional at in my life is, unintentionally finding bars!  Go figure.  I have done it all my life.

In 1964-’65 or so, we had to go down to Wright-Pat AFB, OH for our physicals in AF ROTC.  It was usually a 2-day affair as there were so many of us.  And I always found it to be a ‘fun trip.’

They put us up in the BOQ – Bachelor’s Officer’s Quarters – on base.  I don’t remember how, or exactly when, but one night I stumbled into the “Blue Room.”  It was one cool place!  It was called the “Blue Room” because of all the blue lights in it.  Matter of fact, that was all the lighting it had at the time.  As it turned out, it was an Officer’s Club Annex!

You could see the Blue Room from the BOQ office.  Maybe that’s what initially caught my attention?  Here it is today:


Probably not the best picture I could have taken, but you get the idea.  It sat there on the 4th floor, at the end of that wing.  You can see the window configuration is different from that of the rest of the building.    The BOQ Office is just behind me.  Since the lighting was of low intensity, for the most part, it would go unnoticed.  But I saw it!

It was heartbreaking when I discovered it was no more…

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