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I enjoy woodworking, always have.  I began “banging nails” as a kid, when Dear Ole Dad gave me a couple 2 x 4s and some nails.  From then on, I was hooked.

When Keith was born we priced changing tables.  They were right around $43 or so.    Outrageous!   So, I decided to build one myself, and I did it for $19!  Actually I built a dry sink that doubled as a changing table.

Dad, and Keith, Feb. 1973

Today, Keith has that changing table/dry sink!  (Gawd, they grow up so fast!)  And it warms my heart to see him use it.

In my family research I read where my great-great grandfather was a carpenter.  I would love to have something – anything, that he built.  This has been a lot of the incentive for my woodworking today.  I prefer to make things for people rather than buy (even more) cheap Chinese shit that’s pretty, and makes noise!

These days I spend a great deal of time in my shop.  It is pure enjoyment for me – to make something for someone.  Often when I set up my tooling to build something, say a stool or bench, it just as easy to cut out 5 or 6 of them.

These are a couple I just finished:







This one is made of “birdseye” maple.








And this one is made from elm.  Of interest, the elm came from trees they took down in De-troit.  I had to run a medal detector over the raw lumber before working with it to detect any stray bullets….(just kidding!)  Am not sure what I will do with these yet, but they will find a home…

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