No-Notice Hospitality Checks

One of the fun things we had while I was on active duty were the “No-Notice Hospitality Checks.”  These took several forms.  Essentially a group of us would head over to someone’s house – someone who usually left the O’Club (Officer’s Club) earlier the evening.  We would carpool, then muster on the front lawn.  This usually took place around 2300 hrs., or later.  (11:00PM)

Once we were all there, we would ring the bell, and then “barge in” once the door was opened!  From then it was, “Party On!”  There would usually be about 10 to 12 of us, with maybe a few wives.

The idea was to drink all the “guest of honor’s” booze, and then eat all the food in the house.  Usually, no problem.

In July 1980 I was assigned to Canberra, Australia, as a Flight Safety Officer for the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF.)  I think, when I was there, there were 28 other American Exchange Officers in country.  We lived “off base,” and had made several Australian civilian friends.

One of the things I missed were our “Hospitality Checks.”  So, I decided to add a bit of a “twist” to the drill.  Instead of showing up at someone’s house late in the evening, we would muster on their doorstep at 0700!  And we would bring the food!

So this one morning, three of us, with our wives, decided to hold a ‘Hospitality Check’ at Al & Mavis’ house.  The women made various American breakfast dishes to take, and the guys took care of the champagne (and beer.)  And we decided it should be a “formal” occasion, of course.


You should have seen their faces when we walked in!  There they were; in their finest pajamas wiping the sleep from their eyes – and us in “fancy dress!”  I wonder if they have recovered yet?

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