And What Is Your Expression for Getting Drunk?

Ever thought about all the various expressions we hear for ‘getting drunk?’  Think about them…

An exercise I use in my lectures is to ask folks how they express ‘getting drunk’ themselves.  Not necessarily after a night of “having a few,” but after a night of “tying one on.”  The answers range from ‘hammered,’ to ‘shit-faced,’ to ‘plastered,’ to ‘fucked-up,’ to ‘blitzed,’ and so forth.  I on occasion, would use ‘pleasantly plastered’ myself.   Notice anything about all these descriptions, when taken collectively?  Are they all not “devastating” terms?  Interesting…

It was explained to me that these terms are, in fact, very accurate descriptions of the process of “getting drunk.”  They describe the “subconscious” attempt to destroy the EGO in an effort to reach the “real self.”  Profound, isn’t it?  I know this was the case with me.

When I drank, I “hammered” my EGO to become the “real” Bob!  I always knew “he” was in here; I just didn’t know how to “be” him, unless I was drunk.

So, what kept me from being my “self?”  Fear?  Anger?  Resentments?  Insecurities?  Hurt?  Sure, all of them, and probably a few more!  (Okay, I’ll drop the BS – delete the word ‘probably!’  LOL…)

When I got sober I still wasn’t able to access my real “self.”  At least, not right away.  But I had glimpses of my ‘self,” and I really liked the guy!  Over the years now I have discovered I can be my “self;” without fears, without anger, without resentments or any other things that in the past would have steered me toward a beer.  And it’s kinda exciting – getting to know my “self!”  Initially “liking” my self, and now coming to “love” my self…

It has not been an “easy” process: but it certainly has been a “simple” process.  One day at a time.  And the most important thing about it is, I couldn’t do it alone – I needed “you.”  Otherwise, my EGO would still have been in charge – and I would have had to “hammer” it – to be my “self.”  It’s that “surrender” thing they have in the program… LOL!

So, today I am not going to “hammer” myself; I’m going to enjoy myself!

Cheers!  LPB…


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