Introduction to “Military Brats” – 19

Mary’s book has brought it back again – both the great parts and the hideous ones.  She was brave enough to hold nothing back.  I felt great, abiding tenderness for all the military brats when I read this book, and a free-flowing, unquenchable pride.  Listening to the voices of these nameless men and women included here, I filled up with admiration and pity and love for all of them.  We disappear and become invisible the moment we leave our fathers’ homes.  We lose everything except the memories of what we’ve done and how we did it.

Oh, I think we ‘become invisible’ when we leave our father’s home – I certainly did for many years.  Then I became into myself… the “go-to-Hell” Fighter Pilot, with no (apparent) cares in the world.  I was the “cat’s ass,” or so I thought.  It was my stumble into recovery, for alcoholism, that taught me different.  Today I am no where near as enamored with ‘what I was,’ in my early adult years as much as I am content with ‘who I am,’ today… And for this, I am very grateful.

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