Gifts for the GrandKids: Awareness

A lot of us, as we coast into our “Golden Years,” consider ‘gifts’ to leave for the GrandKids – or, at least, I have.  The obvious gift is money.  Well, that comes, and goes – and is often soon forgotten.  But I think the one gift I can leave for my GrandKids is, “wisdom.”

I don’t profess to be the ‘wisest guy’ walking on Mother Earth – by any stretch; but neither am I the dumbest!  However I have picked up a few things along the way worth sharing.  And I would like to share these things with my GrandKids through this thread, “Gifts for the GrandKids.”    The first in this installment is ‘Awareness.’

I am amazed at how many people I come across throughout my day who are “clueless!”  They just don’t seem to have much ‘awareness’ of their environment – from things close to them, to issues of national, or international interest.  They just seem to live “simpering,” little lives – flitting around like amoeba on a still pond…

I, on the other hand, seem to have a ‘hyper-awareness’ of things – often to my detriment.  Somewhere, in between, might be a good balance… But the key is to become “aware” of your environment, regardless of the scope of it.  Whether local, national or international; be aware!

I think I began developing my keen sense of awareness as a kid, living with Dear Ole Dad.  I had to be ‘aware’ of his mood to survive!  If I sensed a “happy Dad,” all was well.  If, on the other hand, I sensed a pissed-off Dad, I hid!  I was always aware of his mood!  By the time I left home at 17, I had a fairly well developed sense of “awareness.”  And I continued to work on it into my young adulthood; at the time, not actually realizing what I was doing!

I think this “awareness” is tied to our 6th Sense, and can be developed, with “awareness.”  And so now that you now know this, you can not not know it anymore!  LOL!  I encourage you to “become aware.”

Aware of what?  That’s for you to decide…

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