I am reading a book, “Grandfather,” by Tom Brown.  It’s a book about a Native American’s search for truth and harmony with nature.  I am just about finished with it…

I have gravitated toward Native American spirituality here in sobriety.  Not so much as a ‘replacement’ of religion as we ‘white people’ know it, but as ‘refuge’ if you will.  A refuge from the biased “explanations” of men.  It is so simple, so pure and so calming…

I find it quite ironic that ‘white men’ first came to America under the auspicious of seeking ‘religious freedom,’ only to tell the Red Man if he didn’t convert to Christianity, they would kill them…  and for the most part, they have.  First physically, then socially, economically and psychologically.  I am finding a lot of parallels between the struggles of the Native Americans with the early white men, and myself with “progressives” of today.

In the chapter I read today it was talking about the plight of the Native American with respect to becoming assimilated into the white culture.  “Their families were torn apart and they were forced to live the way of the white man, away from the earth.”  Substitute “progressive,” or “democrat,” and this is how I relate.  I am seeing my grand kids being schooled to be Politically Correct (PC) at the expense of being a ‘boy!’  It’s now all right for them to hug gays at school, but there is hell to pay if they play “Cops and Robbers!”  If I were in school today, as a young boy, I surely would be tossed for instigating a game of “Cowboys and Ragheads!”

The book goes on: “They were taught that their ways were primitive and wrong, that their religion and way of life were wrong, and they would have to learn to live like whites.”  I would rather die than submit to the ways of the progressives.  And I probably will, in some “re-education camp” someday soon… That being said, my morals and core values are NOT “wrong!”  (I will go into more depth on this thread later here…)

As the chapter comes to an end, Grandfather began to sense a tremendous loss.  “His sense of being alone, of loss, became overwhelming at times.”

“Grandfather began to feel imprisoned, though not as it was on the reservations.”  I am feeling more and more “imprisoned” as I sense my freedoms and liberties I grew up with are being taken from me… and there is nothing I can do about it.

“The people of the earth were being wiped out right before his eyes, and he stood by helpless.”  I feel this way this morning.  I am seeing our nation, my nation, being systematically destroyed by ‘progressives’ (socialists), and I feel so bloody helpless.  It’s as if my life were for nothing.

In the book, Grandfather returns to his village and is met by Coyote Thunder.  He speaks:  “We knew many days ago that you were coming.  We also know what troubles your heart, for I too have seen the pain of broken spirits.  That is why I will not allow the people of the clan to get too close to the white man.  Instead we prefer to remain hidden until our final days.  You now see no hope, but there is hope.   You must teach anyone who will listen.  The things of truth and spirit will never pass away, but prevail in the end.”  If I didn’t feel this, there would be no hope…

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