(Keep in mind, I am writing here for my Grand Kids…)

“Sequestration was a program initiated by Dear Leader, President Obama, to force the Congress into passing a budget that largely would go his way.  It was designed to hurt across the board, with a lot of the financial cuts falling on the military.  “Social programs,” for the most part, would go untouched.  Things like food stamps, unemployment and benefits for illegal immigrants.   The “theory” was that the Sequestration legislation, when enacted, would hurt so much that all congressmen would not be able to stand the “heat” from their constitutes, that they would most certainly pass the stupid legislation.  (The proposal called for a great deal more spending and taxing, wit no-to-little concern for reducing the debt.)

Well, the Republicans held firm, and here we are today – dealing with all kinds of cuts – attributed to Sequestration.  However, when you look at the cuts being implemented, it’s interesting – and wholly political!

Active duty fighter squadrons are now “standing down.”  Not flying.  However, there are no cutback with EBT  (Electronic Benefit Transfer) card funding (food stamps.)  You see, a lot of the folks living off of EBT cards vote Democrat.

Fighter Weapons School closing down today.  No cut backs in the lavish White House parties.  Dear Leader continues to “party on” with the “pretty people’ of our nation, while our very security is put at risk.

The Thunderbirds and Blue Angels have cancelled their shows for the season.  (Our Air Force and Navy flying demonstration teams).  Yet I continue to see and hear advertisements for people to enroll in (free) social programs – Snap cards (Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program).

There are other areas affected; sure.  But I am concerned with the amount of cut backs in the military.  It appears as if this is a deliberate initiative to weaken our military by this administration.  Liberals have always gone after the military.  I lived through the Carter years, and it was rough!  (And that moron – Carter – was a former military man himself; Dear Leader is just a “community organizer.”)  Cutbacks in the military have been going on ever since Dear Leader has taken office, while “social programs” continue to expand.

I don’t know if the America I grew up with is already “lost” or not, but it is sure beginning to feel that way…

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