Harry’s Cow

My friend Harry passed away yesterday, and I already miss him…

I will ‘allow’ myself to feel his loss over the next few days and months – but not at the expense of having known him.  He was a gem!

Over the next few posts I want to tell you a little bit of Harry.  Maybe you’ll get to know him as I did – an appreciate him for who he was.

A few years ago he had this cow that died.  Just died, who knows why.

Now, Harry lived on a corner lot in Monclova, OH; just over an acre of property.  So, he took his backhoe and dug a nice hole out back.  Then he pushed the cow into the hole.  When it “flopped” into the hole it landed on its back, the legs straight up in the air.  It was when Harry filled the hole that he discovered he had not dug it deep enough!  Crap.

It would have been a daunting task to dig the cow out of the hole, and dig it deeper.  So Harry took out his chain saw, and cut off the extending legs!  Easy – done.

You might think this was funny enough, but it gets better.  Harry’s 7 or 8 year old grandson was watching all this as it unfolded.  When the kid went back to school in Chicago, at his first opportunity, he told his class that he got to watch his Grampa cut the legs off a cow.  The other kids all thought that was “cool,” however his teacher was mortified!  She then called the kid’s mom, Harry’s daughter, and asked what that was all about.  I suppose the next call would have been to PETA.

I  was laughing hysterically as Harry told the story on the way to ‘Amish’ (Amish country) one day.  Tears in my eyes.  Then he went on to tell me how his daughter ‘kicked his ass’ over the phone.  After hearing all about that stupid cow, there is no way I will ever bury a cow – with my grandsons watching…


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  1. Marv says:

    I’m saddened that Harry checked out yesterday. I’ve seen how much you enjoyed his friendship over the years and how much you learned from him. I look forward to your writing about your “Harry Memories.”

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