Just a Couple Cans of Gas…

Last Thursday morning I decided to fill a couple of my gas cans before beginning my yard work.  Sounds simple enough, you would think…

When I pulled into the local gas station, about a mile from me, there were cars at all pumps!  At 10:30 in the morning.  Diesel is only sold at one of the two sets of outboard pumps; and of course, that’s what I needed.

I pulled up behind an empty car sitting in front of the diesel pump.  I figured whoever owned the car might be inside for something or another, hopefully just a drink or something.  It also dawned on me that ‘whoever’ might have had a problem with a card of some kind.  But, with no one in sight I decided to go ahead and fill my 5-gallon diesel can.

I also (intuitively) knew that when I would begin filling, ‘whoever’ would show up – and wouldn’t you know it, that’s exactly what happened!  A ‘little old lady’ showed up telling me that the pump didn’t like her JC Penny card.  Well, no shit!  She went on to tell me she just paid cash, and wanted to fill her tank.  By then I had already ran my card and was about to fill my diesel can.

“I only need 5 gallons,” I told her, as I squeezed the nozzle, and she was ‘okay’ with it.  Very nice about it all actually.  But then she launched into a discussion about using the wrong card.  The price I had to pay to fill my 5-gallon diesel can!

As I finished filling my diesel gas can I suggested she might not want to try to use her gas card at JC Penny’s!  She thought that was a ‘good idea…”

They walk among us…

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