Roundup, and My Observation Hive…

This is a picture of my Observation Hive, right after I added the bees:

IMG_0967Take note of the number of bees.






And now, this picture was taken this morning:


Not so many, huh?  I don’t think it was anything I said… I think it was the ‘Roundup,’ manufactured by Monsanto, I used.






Now, ‘Dear Leader’s’ people at the EPA will tell you it ain’t so.  They had Roundup tested, in a Lab, and it was not found to be harmful to bees.  If you dig a little deeper however, you will discover the Lab they used was Monsanto’s!  The “fuck,” you say?!

By contrast, here are two pictures of another Observation Hive I installed at the very same time I installed mine.  The bees are actually all related!


Again, note the number of bees…









Then, look at this picture from the other day!  The difference?  No Roundup over at the school…






I just don’t “buy into” the EPA’s claim that Roundup, by Monsanto, is harmless.  But, I suppose, like a “good little ‘gomer,’ I should just shut up and row.  This all being said, this evening when they all return to the hive, those that survive the day, will receive a stern briefing from me to watch what they eat!  Harry might have had the right idea after all – about briefing the bees….

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