The Vietnam Veteran ‘Military Brat’ Challenge Coins

In conjunction with the Vietnam Veteran Appreciation Event here in Toledo, OH last week (4-9 Jun 2013) I was afforded the opportunity to hand out Vietnam Veteran Military Brat Challenge Coins.


The idea evolved from an initiative of mine to get the Congress to authorize a Commemorative Congressional Lapel Pin for ‘Military Brats.’  Our thought was to create awareness for the contributions and sacrifices of Military Brats to our country.  They ‘serve’ also…  There is currently legislation before Congress, HR 1889, Children of Military Service Members Commemorative Lapel Pin Act to create such a pin for our kids.  (They call us ‘the children of military service members’ because they are uncomfortable with the term, ‘brat.’  Well, okay!)

Mr. Duke Wheeler, a neighbor and friend, has supported me with my idea ever since I first presented it to him; and for that, I am very grateful.  He was the “driver” behind the Wall coming to Toledo for the Vietnam Veteran Appreciation Event (hitherto, and from within, forever known now to man throughout the ages as, “The Event.”)  As things began to come together Duke approached me and asked if I would like to hand out Vietnam Vet/Military Brat challenge coins at the Event.  Well, sure I would… “Do we have any?” I wondered.

It took about a week or so to come up with a design.  The back of the coin was easy: Vietnam – a handful of bamboo and a dragon would work fine.  The front was a bit trickier.

We wanted to use a ‘likeness’ of the Vietnam War Memorial.  To do this we needed ‘permission.’  Duke took care of that.  Then I felt I wanted the Air Force represented.  So, we added a ‘jet’ on the coin, for “top cover.”  I am thrilled with what we came up with!


Me, and my friend, Duke…


The coins held briefly in our hands, now in the hands of Vietnam Vets “Military Brats…”

I am not sure (yet) how many coins we handed out, but I can tell you, they were very well received…

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2 Responses to The Vietnam Veteran ‘Military Brat’ Challenge Coins

  1. kari yaney says:

    i am very thankful for the coin i received on friday at the vietnam memorial wall event. it was very surprising when i was approached and handed the coin. my dad is a vietnam veteran i am very proud og him but its something he never talked about. i will cherish this coin forever. when i was handed this coin it never occured to me to ask for two more for my brothers but after i left i thought about it. do you know how or where i could get two more to give to my brothers? thank you again

  2. Richard G Daigre Jr says:

    An excellent design. Much better than the ones with the new USAF logo and the ones that say “along for the ride”. Please send me information on how I can obtain one for myself and each of my two brothers (if this is not possible, so be it). I am presently transportationally challenged. “Military Brat” is a term I am proud of; not as much as supporting with those who serve and have served our country. It actually brings a smile to my face and warmth to my whole body knowing that my father taught us through his actions and brought culture to our lives so that we can educate others less fortunate or less inclined to leave their “nest”. Never forgetting through actions has always been important to myself and brothers.
    Thank you all for your service and sacrifices.
    Respectfully, R G Daigre Jr

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