A Love Letter to Harry…

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Harry has ‘been gone’ just at a month now, and I miss him… this is a letter I wrote to him on 8 April; about a month before he passed.  I had been over to his house, and we talked of many things – as we had often done.

“I can only imagine all of what you are gong through these days – but I do know of the ‘depression.’  All too well.  The feelings of hopelessness and the ‘isolation.’  Too proud to ‘reach out’ in my anguish; angry and fearful.  But I have learned – yes, more often than not, the ‘Hard Way’ – that it is easier to share my troubles and concerns with someone else.  I have ‘used you’ many time – and you have always been here for me!

I need to tell you this morning that ‘I Love you Harry.’  Just this simple.  You have been such a dear Friend and Mentor to me – I could never repay you – except to mentor others in your spirit.  And that, I will do.

Who knows when you will ‘depart the fix’ – leave this world.  But you will be in my heart forever.  When I check on my bees, you’ll be with me.  When I’m out in the shop, you’ll be with me.  When I choke – ah, sorry, check my chickens, you’ll be right there.

One of these days I am going to build a canoe for myself.  It will also have the Missing Man formation in it and I will name it the “BS Harry!”  (Bob’s Ship Harry) – and it will be a beaut!

I love you my Friend…

…and so, on Father’s Day today, I am missing my friend…


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