Churchkeys, and Pull Tops

We lived on Floridastrasse in Wiesbaden (’63-’64).  Dear Ole Dad was the Commissary Officer at the time.  In this capacity he had the “inside track” to all the new foodstuffs and so forth.

One day someone brought a case of beer of some kind or another in for him.  (I actually think it was Schlitz).  It was significant because this was the first time we ever saw ‘pull tops’ on beer cans, and Dad was absolutely thrilled!

Dad liked drinking beer with our maid – hell, he like drinking beer with just about anyone! (LOL!)  Anyway, he had told her that she could have a beer anytime she wanted… and, she was thrilled!

One day Dear Ole Dad came home, and ‘went through the roof!’  In the trash he discovered a couple-3 empty beer cans.  What sent him into ‘low Earth orbit’ was not the fact that our maid had drank his beer, but that she had used a ‘churchkey’ on the bottoms of the cans – leaving the pull tops intact!

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