Re-elect Jimmy…

I was at an embassy party in Canberra, Australia the Fall of 1980.  It was just before the presidential election.  As I was talking with a military member of the embassy staff the ambassador’s wife walked up.  Of course all conversation ceased – after all, she was the ambassador’s wife.

The guy I had been talking with was the ambassador’s pilot.  The embassy had a C-12 for him to use as he traveled about the country.


“Tommy,” she began, “do you think we could put a ‘banner’ that says ‘Re-elect Jimmy’ on the back of the ambassador’s airplane, and fly it around the country?

“Sure Mrs. Ambassador, but there is just 1 problem that I can see,” he replied.

“What is that Tommy,” she asked.

“Well, unless they have changed the Constitution here of late, the fine folks of Australia can’t vote in our elections!”

“Oh,” she relied, as she walked off – somewhat confused…

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  1. John says:

    Afternoon Bob:
    Just to complete the story.
    The wife would be Ms. Elkin Alston, wife of Philip H. Alston. Elkin and Philip were long time friends of Jimmy & wife. Other than having a hand in founding the Atlanta area Legal Aid Society, Alston’s 42 year career as an Atlanta lawyer was not illustrious, except that he was a good bundler of cash. Of course, I should note, Philip did serve in the U.S. Navy during WWII, but I do not know in what capacity. Elkin, herself, was not known for much of anything.


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