Mikey’s Snake

My friend Mikey had a pet snake at one time.  This is itself wasn’t necessarily unusual except he was at the Air Force Academy at the time.  You aren’t allowed to have ‘pets’ at the Air Force Academy.

Mikey kept his snake in a closet above his locker.  The upperclassmen knew his snake was there – or at least they thought they did, but no one was brave enough to look!  So it became more or less an “agreement.”  Mikey could keep his snake, if it ‘wasn’t there.’

When he left the Academy for flight training he took his snake with him.  Then when Mikey went to SEA (Southeast Asia) he left the snake with his Mom in San Diego.

All was well until he received a letter from his Mom one day  Toward the end, she had to tell him that his snake died.  She went on to tell him that she wasn’t sure how to dispose of it, so she decided to feed it down the garbage disposal!

Mikey told me his Mom was a ‘short woman,’ so I imagined…



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