And You Wonder Why I Call Them Shoeclerks?

When Duke approached me last Spring with the idea of creating a ‘challenge coin’ for the children of Vietnam Veterans for the Toledo Vietnam Veteran Appreciation Event, I liked it right away.  He suggested using the Vietnam Memorial on the face of the coin.  Sounded good, until I saw it.

Vietnam Memorial Statue, Washington D.C.

It really is quite good; but I have always wondered why “they” left out an Airman?  So, when Duke asked what I thought about using this memorial statue on the coin, I told him it was a good idea, if we add a jet overhead!  For ‘top cover,’ as it was ‘in country.’   He agreed.

After a bit I found an F-4 in an aspect that worked for the coin.  I wanted to use the F-4 as it is a Vietnam era jet.  This is what the artist came up with:


The back of the coin was easy.  A dragon, a fist full of bamboo and the description – and there you have it!  Simple, done.  And off the coin went for production.  This is what we received:


It looks like ‘someone’ – a shoeclerk?” – put an F-15 on the coin!  When I discovered it, it was too late to have them re-done.  Crap.  “Let it go, Bob…”

Shoeclerks!  Grrr…..

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