The Shootings of Late…

I am thinking these shootings of late are, in some ways, the result of our nation being too PC (politically correct) – of folks being too afraid of calling ‘shitheads’ for what they really are.  I would love to think it is all just this simple, but it only begins here, and goes way deeper.

Lawyers:  We are too afraid to hammer some dirt-bag, least he or she comes back at us with a lawyer!  Can’t fire assholes anymore, so we promote ’em.  From school through the workplace, we can’t report on slime-balls lest we (might) face a lawsuit.  Can’t call ‘pukes’ for who and what they are anymore – so they flourish.

Fitness Reports:  Can’t report anything ‘derogatory,’ lest we offend them.  Or, face a lawsuit ourselves.

The “PC Card:”  Again, can’t “offend” anyone.  (I am soooo happy I have never bought into this shit!  I don’t care about being PC at the expense of  being “authentic.”)

The “Race Card:”  EVERYONE shrinks from this one.  We are being played folks – by certain blacks, by certain muslims, by anyone with even remote ties to some “minority” group or another.  Well be advised, I harbor no “white guilt.”  Never have.  You will be treated by me as you treat me – probably better, but certainly no worse.

So, because we “coddle” the low-lifes” of our society they continue to flourish – and our concept of “the American Way of Life” continues to decline…

Why should anyone be surprised?  We are doing it to ourselves.  I have often said: gangs exist because we chose to allow them to be.  Ever heard of a gang in Singapore?  There ain’t any!  They are just not tolerated.  Of course, that’s the nation that “caned” one of our fine, innocent little boys when he “keyed” a car… in spite of Clinton’s interference.  Maybe we might consider public floggings?

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  1. John says:

    Let’s examine this. We train all service personnel to shoot all kinds of weapons. Shoot to kill is the goal. But, thanks to Clinton, military bases are “weapon free” zones. What in the hell is that kind of logic? Of course, the weapon free zone order works, look at the Navy yard and Fort Hood.

    In the old days on a Military base, seeing servicemen carrying weapons (side arms and shoulder arms) was common. And they weren’t “show guns” with no pins and no ammo. They were the real damn working machines.

    Had the Clinton order had not been in place, Hassan probably would have had at least 50 rounds in his body before he had time to shoot his second victim. The Navy yard shooter the same. In fact, Hassan and the Navy yard shooter might have had second thoughts about even attempting their respective dastardly filthy acts.

    What most people do not understand, there is no such place as a weapons free zone. Alice’s Wonderland is more of a reality.

  2. Norm says:

    What is happening in this country goes a lot deeper, and I think they are winning. It’ about 1:30 am right now. My daughter woke me a few moments ago. She said there is a holocaust happening in my chicken coop. Pants on, shoes on, spotlight in left hand, weapon (locked and loaded) in the right, less than 20 seconds have passed. ( I hate raccoons)I step out and it’s not my birds, sounds like it’s your house. I want to help, and my gut feeling is to walk the 200 yards and at least check it out, maybe save some birds. Then there is that nagging thought, the you tubes, and news stories about treatment of honest people “with weapons”. Now I feel even worse than if it were my birds. The MSM, the potus, even the schools, push the idea GUNS = EVIL. Maybe I should follow Jo Biden’s advice and grab a scatter gun and make noise in the dark. ( not that it would be worse than the sounds already happening) I just don’t want to end up in jail over the deal. I know how it feels in the morning to find 3 dead and 1 missing, so I want to tell you I’m sorry but but but… If it was human life involved there would be no question. For birds, I can’t afford a lawyer, and/ or jail time. A few years ago I would have probably left a dead coyote in your yard for you, and maybe catch myself one of those free moles for a pet. Like I said, they are winning. They want to, and they are turning the whole country into a (gun free?) criminal safe zone.
    I guess it’s a predator safe zone too.

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