A Celebration of Life

Last weekend I flew out to Oregon for a ‘Celebration of Life’ for my Aunt Jan.  Aunt Jan passed last month.  She was the last of my mom’s sisters.  Out of all my mom’s brothers and sisters there is only Uncle Kenny (89) left now.

The event was held at my cousin Chuck’s place.  On Saturday we had a nice lunch then congregated out on the patio for a period of prayer and remembrance.  I reckon there were 30 to 40 of us out there.  Yes, there were tears shed, but overall it was somewhat of a festive celebration – as Aunt Jan would have liked it.


Me, and Aunt Jan…

Stories of Aunt Jan and her antics with my mom (Ruth) and Aunt Pat (Margaret) were once again retold.  We just don’t seem to grow old of them.  They are as funny today as they were when they actually occurred.  I saw a great deal of love out there on that patio last Saturday, and am glad I was part of it.

I think Gary, Bobby and Jeff did Aunt Jan proud.  She would have been pleased with the event – which got me to thinking on the way home…

Aunt Jan, the focus of our gathering, missed everything!  She missed the food, the bantering, and she couldn’t ‘defend’ herself once we really got into the stories!  Damn.  Then I had an idea – why not hold my own ‘Celebration of Life,’ for myself, next summer sometime?  That way I could hear everything everyone is going to say about me, and offer “rebuttals” where warranted!  And I wouldn’t miss out on the food!  Hell of an idea…

Stand by – more to follow…

Image 5                                                                  The Cousins

(Keep July 2014 opened….)


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3 Responses to A Celebration of Life

  1. Carla Cross says:

    Thanks, and thanks for the pics. We so enjoyed seeing you–and everyone. I know Jan was there laughing along and thinking that we probably didn’t know half the stories! The Garrison side of the family sure gave all of us a sense of humor which really helps through the tough times! Keep laughing and loving. Thanks to everyone who attended, and especially to Gary who organized the event and to Chuck and Patty for hosting. It’s really comforting to know we have such a loving family! Carla

  2. Laura Bruyneel says:

    It was so nice to visit with the Garrison side of the family. Jan would have loved it. In fact, I am reasonably certain that Jan did in fact love it. Someone should write a book about Jan, Ruth and Margaret…..Thank you Patti, Chuck, and Red Dog for getting us all together. Love, Laura

  3. Gary Millennor (Red dog) says:

    Thanks Bobby. I am very grateful to be a garrison, I agree with Carla about where we get the sense of humor. For me, the gathering at Patti and Chuck’s was not only an opportunity to remember mom but was also an opportunity to get even closer to my cousins. I am very grateful for that and all of you. I hated leaving that Sunday, the time together was too short. I think I will stop now before I start crying again.

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