Who Are the Loonies?

Years ago in America, we used to have ‘state hospitals’ for the “mentally impaired.”  These were institutions for folks who had gone “around the bend,” for “loonies,” the “mentally insane” and yes, “morons.”

In many cases the conditions in these institutions were deplorable.  So, instead of cleaning them up, “progressives” in our country successively ran a campaign to get rid of them.  And now we have these folks “out on the street.”

If you look at the recent epidemic of mass shootings in our country, you’ll find “mental illness” behind a lot of them.  Oh well; at least we aren’t labeling these fine citizens as “mentally impaired,” so as not to hurt their feelings!

I think the “morons” in this case are the progressives who drove the closing of state hospitals instead of having them cleaned up!  And of course, the morons in Congress who went along with the deal…

Maybe if we re-instituted state hospitals….

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