Swiss Army Knives, and Crash Axes

About a year or two after 9/11 I had my little bitty Swiss Army knife confiscated by the TSA at Security one morning…

Now to put this in perspective, by FAA regulation, we carry a crash ax in the cockpit… Yep, in every one of them!


Little bitty Swiss Army knife – Crash ax?



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2 Responses to Swiss Army Knives, and Crash Axes

  1. Steve says:

    Bob, I assume you’ve replaced your knife. No self-respecting AF pilot should be without one. You might not know this, but although Victorinox knives have been around for over a century, the name “Swiss Army Knife” originated in WWII. US Army troops found a Victorinox on virtually every German soldier they killed or captured during the War, and at war’s end soldiers bought huge quantities of the knives for souvenirs at Army PX stores. The German name for the knives “Schweizer Offiziermessers,” was too hard to pronounce, so they just called them “Swiss Army Knives.” The name obviously stuck. And the rest is history.

    • Cheeta17 says:

      I never knew that! (To quote Dick Martin – LOL!) Thanks… and I have replaced my ‘Swiss Army Knife!’ Just have to remember to field strip myself when ever I fly… Thank you for your contribution here… Bob

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