Flying, and Life…

One of the things I learned about flying is, there is really nothing “tough” about it – when you break it down.  I think I can make my point here by using a typical T-38 “contact” mission (contact missions encompass general flying and aerobatics.)  So, off we go…

Engine start: Once you’re strapped in and your nest is made, you look around the aircraft to ensure it’s clear of obstacles.  Not hard at all, is it?  Then you give your Crew Chief the signal for air pressure needed to start an engine.  That signal is given by taking your right fist and driving it into your open left hand.  Pretty tough, ain’t it.  When he acknowledges you have ‘air,’ you hold up 2 fingers on your right hand, and rotate them in a circular motion, signifying you are starting your right engine.

When he acknowledges your start signal, watch the right engine RPM gauge.  At 12 – 14% RPM, hit the Start button and bring the right throttle to Idle.  The engine should light off right away.  Simple, huh?  Then you start the left motor, and you’re on your way.

For the takeoff, all you do is line up on the runway and when you’re cleared for takeoff it all begins.  First you release your brakes and ensure you are rolling straight.  Then you advance the throttles into Afterburner (AB), and check your engine Nozzle indicators for indication of 2 good (AB) lights.

The next concern is a “Min Accel Check Speed” at a thousand feet to see if your aircraft is within performance limits.  Was never a problem for me.  (I always felt if I had 2 good Burners, I was going anyway.)   At 125 knots you begin to bring ‘back pressure’ on the stick to rotate for takeoff, and become airborne at 155 knots.  Nothing to it.

Once you check that you are indeed flying, you raise the Gear and retract the Flaps.  Then as you cross the departure end, you pull the throttles out of burner at 275 knots or so, so as to stabilize at 300 knots for the climb.  That’s all there is to it.

None of those tasks is, in and of itself, tough.  But together, they can be challenging.

Life is kinda like this also.  Nothing I have done if Life is tough by itself.  It’s when it all comes together  that I struggle upon occasion.  To get through my tough times, I have to remind myself to take it “one day at a time.”  Kinda like breaking down the tasks of a T-38 takeoff… nothing to it!  LOL!

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