Fine Dining at Red Robin

We have a chain of burger joints here in NW Ohio, “Red Robin.”  They serve good burgers, and great fries.  A while back, my “Burger Low Level” light came on, so I stopped by to rectify the problem.

When my server came up she asked what I wanted so I told her, “A cheeseburger, with fires.”

“And, how would you like your burger,” she asked.

“Medium rare,” I replied.

“Oh, we don’t serve burgers medium rare, Sir,” she told me.

“Why not?”

“Well Sir, it’s for your own protection.”  Of course it is – isn’t everything today?

So, I just sat there, staring at the menu, somewhat astounded.

“Sir?” she asked again.

“Well,” I replied, “I don’t know what I want, now.  I thought I wanted a medium-rare burger.  I have a master’s degree in management, have flown ‘fast-moving’ jets for years – I kinda thought that I would know what I wanted – but I guess I don’t.  This is distressing – not knowing what I want for lunch.  Maybe they shouldn’t allow me out of the home unsupervised.”  And I just looked up at her, with a somewhat perplexed look on my face…

Now she was becoming distressed!  So I asked her, “Where is your manager?”

She pointed to this “kid” standing about 20 feet away; a guy in a tie, looking pretty.  I then told her, “Why don’t you just go over to him, and the 2 of you take a hard look at me for a bit.  Then you two decide what I want.  It doesn’t matter to me anymore – I obviously, don’t know what the hell I am thinking!”

“Sir?” she asked, not quite believing what I just told her.

“I’m serious, it doesn’t matter anymore.  Just like at the home, just bring something to me you two think I would like – except oatmeal.  I am tired of oatmeal.”

And so, off she went. ..

I was dying inside, watching those two!   And not long after their conference, my lunch arrived – a medium-rare cheeseburger, with fries!

(Thanks John, for the inspiration to write this story… its been ‘in here’ for a while!)

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