The BratPin Dog Tags

When I began the BratPin project in August 2013, I initially focused on the “BratPin Pin” – just the lapel or hat pin.  Then a little bit into it, it dawned on me that women might not want to put holes in their clothes as much as men don’t seem to mind.  So the BratPin Pendent was created.  It is essentially the same pin, only on a chain.

As time went on and the pins and pendents seemed to be well received, I began thinking about BratPin dog tags.  It was more or less, just a natural I suppose.  I tossed the idea out on Facebook one day and received enthusiastic support.  So, it began…

This is the design I initially sent to my account rep:

BP Dog Tag…and their first version was:

BPDTV1(At first my account rep wanted to have all 5 service emblems on the reverse of the tags.  I knew, “That dog won’t hunt!”)  With this version I thought I had too much empty “airspace ” on the front, and it was too “busy” on the reverse.  Besides I wanted a tag that could be “personalized.”  So, Version 2:

BPDTV2Now we were getting there – but still “not quite right.”  The seeds on the face of the tag looked like they were being driven onto the world with a fire hose vs. ‘floating’ over the world.  I also didn’t particularly care for “Military Brat” on the face – too bold, too brash for the image and ambiance I hoped to create.  Again, the “whispering” of being Brats…

On the reverse side, there was no room for “personalizing” the tags.  And then, when I saw this I realized I served as a “Brat” in the Air Force; not as a member of the Air Force.  So, I looked for a compromise, and finally settled with this version:

DogTag - Final…and I am very happy with it.  Again, for those who offered your suggestions and comments during the design process, Thank You!  I think we created something we can all be proud to wear!

(To keep me ‘on my toes,’ my account rep first offered the Marine Corps version as a “Marine Corp” version.  Holy Crap – am I glad I caught that!  LOL!!!)

So, this is how the BratPin dog tags came about…


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