Blowing In the Wind…

In 1957 we were stationed at Ramey AFB, Puerto Rico.  It was a great assignment for me.  As a kid (11, 12 and 13) I had the ‘run of the base,’ we all did.  I had a Schwinn (wide-tire) bicycle, and I rode it all over that base.



When I first got to Ramey they had B-36s assigned.

B-36 Ramey


These were huge airplanes!  10 engines; 6 props and 4 jets.  The wingspan of the B-36 was 230 feet.

One day I was riding along the flight line when I saw a B-36 parked with the engines running.  I didn’t think much about it as I rode behind it.  However, when I got about half way across behind it, the pilot added power to taxi.  Holy Crap!  I immediately left my bike and became airborne!  And it didn’t seem like he added much power… off I went!

Never did that again…

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3 Responses to Blowing In the Wind…

  1. Kirk Anderson says:

    There was a library and a four seasons store off the flight line in 56/57. When kids would ride along that road\Hanger Rd? The guys working on those giant engines would blow us off the road probably just ’cause they could. Once you hit the curb, you usually tumbled onto grass. No harm done, but it was unnerving the first time. I don’t think it happened too often by accident, but I can confirm…it happened.

  2. Randy Grottke says:

    I am a Air Force brat. My dad was stationed at Ramey from 1958-1963. I loved that school and my friends. My dad took me deep sea fishing off the Crash boat boat’s at Crash Boat beach, I was a member of the Sea Lancer’s skin diving club and lead the Civil Air Patrol for two years….
    Ramey Puerto Rico was the best place for a kid to grow up in………….And it brings fond memories to me every day………….. Randy Grottke

    • Cheeta17 says:

      Good Morning Randy, We were at Ramey from the summer of ’57 until the summer of ’60. In 1959 or so, I joined CAP. So there is a chance we crossed paths… Bob

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