Christmas 1963 – II

Wiesbaden, West Germany.  Christmas 1963.

That year my folks decided to host Christmas dinner for a few folks with ‘no place to go.’  I think Ann and Mary, friends of Mom’s, might have been there that year.

Mom really put a lot of work into that dinner.  Then she began to work on the egg nog.  She had heard that Southern Comfort made “a nice addition.”  However, she didn’t have any idea how much to add – so she decided to add a bit, then taste it.  Then add more egg nog, and taste is.  More Southern Comfort, then sample it.  You get the idea… By the time she had the egg nog “just right,” she was “toast!”  Mom looked like she had been run over by a reindeer!

Don’t remember much about the dinner that year, but Mom was a riot!   It was, a Merry Christmas!

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  1. John L. Ray says:

    Thanks Bob:

    You reminded me of Julia Child. I watched her always — I think I can boil water now. Anyway, I watched one of her live shows (back in the day when inbibing on live TV was prohibited) during which she was preparing a holiday dinner and publicly drinking on the show. At the end, she was so smashed (the bird hit the floor and it didn’t bother her) she could not function — but the show went on. But I digress. One time, her show concerned the correct way to make chocolate mouse. I took pen and paper and followed her recipe and techniques on a yellow pad. Then I tried to duplicate it in my then wife’s kitchen as a surprise to her.

    Literally every pot, pan, container, bowl and utensil was consumed in the process. It took me about three hours and an entire bottle of scotch (my preference at the time) to complete the task. In the end, I had four wine glasses filled to near brim with fantastic mouse. Everybody loved it. But I didn’t know — I was, as you say “toast” .


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