‘Joint Base San Antonio’

These “joint bases” these days – what a load of crap!

‘Joint Base San Antonio’ as an example, encompassing Randolph Field (AFB), Ft. Sam Houston and Lackland AFB all in the San Antonio area.  What I am seeing is a complete loss of identity, of heritage, and I for one, think it sucks canal water.  But it is totally aligned with the systematic dismantling of “American exceptionalism.”

Oh, I understand clearly why the bureaucrats, spelled ‘shoeclerks,’ are driving it; money.  But what is the real cost?

In the military we put a premium on unit pride, on heritage.  This concept goes way beyond what civilians can, or ever will understand.  But Hey, the military deserves to be mediocre just as well as what we see in civilian industry (what’s left in America these days) and business.

The problem is, the ‘kids’ today coming into the system really don’t know any difference.  They have been brought up in an educational system the advocates that no one is really different from anyone else.  Well Pilgrim, that being the case, why don’t you go out and fly the damn jet?

Shoeclerks, politicians and democrats – they are all doing to America what no enemy has been ever to do – destroy us… and all I’m able to do is, stand by and watch.

“Joint Base whatever?”  I have a “joint” for you!

(And now, I feel better!  LOL!)

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