The Wisdom of the Native Americans (WNA) – 1

When I first got sober I began searching.  Exactly for what I didn’t know, but I knew I was searching for something.  And then one day I stumbled across a book, “The Wisdom of the Native Americans,” Edited by Kent Nerburn.  And I knew  I found it – Native American spirituality.  So simple, so pure, so peaceful.  (I have since looked for books on ‘The Wisdom of the White Man,’ and have yet to find any…)  And so, in this thread I will begin sharing a few of the entries that are so dear to me…

“How smooth must be the language of the whites, when they can make right look wrong, and wrong look right.”


Black Hawk, Sioux

Look around today, you don’t have to look far.  All we seem to deal with is “spin.”  The Native Americans have another word for “spin.”  It’s called “lying.”


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