Gas Training

When I was in Aerospace Munitions School in the Fall of 1968 we had to go through ‘tear gas training.’  This is where they put us in a room then tossed in canisters of tear gas.  Not the ‘mild’ stuff, but the ‘real deal!’  We carried gas masks but weren’t allowed to put them on until we received the ‘word’ from the instructors.  And our instructors didn’t seem to be in any particular hurry to give us ‘the word.’  Anyway, I just saw this on a post in Facebook; I can ‘relate.’


‘Gas Training’ was the last lesson we had that day.  Just before we were released we were told NOT to go to the Officer’s Club for lunch.  Telling that to us was stupid.  Any guesses where we went for lunch?

Tear gas not only gets into your eyes and nose; it also gets into your clothes – and lingers.  Although it took us perhaps a half-hour or so to get to the Club, the gas was still in our uniforms.  By then we had become totally acclimated to it, and were showing no adverse effects at all as we got in the lunch line.

That line cleared in less than 30 seconds!  People tearing up, hacking, spinning around in anguish – and we were just standing there!  What?  LOL!  It is still funny as Hell!

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