I was out in the shop this morning, assembling new bee hives.

IMG_1862I ‘got into’ bees a couple years ago, at Harry’s urging.  Harry was my friend, who died last year.  As I was working out in the shop this morning, Harry kept “walking through my mind.”  I could hear him laughing at me; I could hear him reinforcing me with a project at hand and I could so many of the stories he shared with me.

HarryHarry Schaller

Just under a year ago Harry was taken to Hospice.  I would go down to visit as often as I could – I still had things to learn from him.  This morning I remembered the morning I was in the shower, getting ready yo go see him.  I remember thinking, “God, he isn’t coming home, is he?”  And I immediately put it out of my mind because I wasn’t ready to lose Harry.  This morning, while out in the shop working on bee hives, I found myself back in the shower again,  once again thinking, “God, he isn’t coming home again, is he?”  Only this time I wasn’t able to put it out of my mind.  I cried.  And I cried hard – I didn’t want to let him go… I still don’t; Harry is my friend.

  I suppose I will let him go some day, but not today… not today…


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